Prospects for cooperation with Science and Technology Lunghwa University

In September of 2013, the representative of the Foundation for Science and Technology Development of Ton Duc Thang University (FOSTECT), Dr. Ut V. Le met with a representative of Lunghwa  University of Science and Technology (LHU), Taiwan, Professor Kuen Ting, vice president of LHU,, appreciated the determination of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) regarding to the development of the university’s plan to become a top research university in Asia and the world. The LHU is interested in the founding of the Asia Pacific Journal on Computational Engineering, an international journal founded by TDTU and now published by Springer.


From left to right: Dr. Wei-Chih Lien (Director of International Center of LHU), Dr. Ut V. Le (FOSTECT Director), Professor Kuen Ting (Vice President of LHU), Associate professor Lung Ta-Sung (Technology department, LHU).

Professor Kuen Ting agreed to research cooperation between LHU and TDTU, particularly research projects sponsored by FOSTECT. It was agreed that researchers of TDTU may now use modern laboratories of LHU such as cluster systems, nano lab, plasmas laboratory, telecommunications engineering laboratory, etc.

Professor Tzu-Hsiang Ko, LHU President, sent a letter to Professor Le Vinh Danh, TDTU President, to confirm this cooperation after the visit of FOSTECT director Dr. Ut V. Le with LHU.

Professor Le Vinh Danh also vigorously supports the research cooperation between TDTU and LHU. This cooperation will spur the internationalization of scientific research activities to make TDTU into a top research university as soon as possible.

LHU is interested in applied research, in securing patents and international publications. Their international publications are indexed by ISI and mostly belong to classifications of SCI, SSCI and AHCI; these are ranked 1st according to Ton Duc Thang University utilizing international scientific publication evaluation criteria. Every year, LHU rewards for the officials who have registered patents in the USA and Taiwan… and have published papers in SCI, SSCI and AHCI journals. Last year, Associate Professor Lung Ta-Sung was rewarded 6000 USD for his outstanding research. He has been honored as one of the top ten inventors of Taiwan.

Dr. Trung T. Nguyen, leader of computational mathematics and engineering group of TDTU, said: "All of the commendations for research of LHU are 1st rank; they are becoming the popular policy of research universities to encourage world standard high-quality research. This is possible when a university has the capacity for strong scientific research (both quality and quantity). Our TDTU, too, must have appropriate research policy to encourage and enhance the quantity and quality of the faculties and researchers to promote the plan of becoming a top research university in Asia and in the world”.

Some pictures about LHU laboratories are listed:


Cluster lab


Electron laboratory


Plasma laboratory


Electricity laboratory

Patent Showroom


Names of inventors


Certification of a USA patent