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The seminar of Division of Data Science (DDS)

On  May 11th,  2018, Department for Management of Science and Technology Development of Ton Duc Thang University organized the seminar of Division of Data Science (DDS) of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU).

The seminar was organized in an exciting atmosphere with many questions from TDTU’s lecturers and researchers.

In the seminar, the talk entitled “Survey methods for mining high utility itemsets” was presented. Mining high utility itemsets (HUIs) play an important role in decision support systems. There are many developed methods to improve the performance of mining HUIs. In recently, this research direction attracts a large number of researchers. In this seminar, the group will survey state-the-art methods for mining HUIs and discuss the way to develop efficient methods for mining HUIs. The seminar had ended successfully, and it promised to open up many collaborative research directions for lecturers and researchers of TDTU.

Photos of the seminar:






Science of the seminar