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TDTU Science Activities

Seminar on Scival and Scopus of Elsevier
Seminar on Scival and Scopus of Elsevier
There were 2 reports in the seminar. Mr. Nicholas Pak shared the experience in using the Scopus database for scientific publishing, selecting appropriate journals, and studying of quantitative aspects of information. Thereafter, Ms. Gillian Ho introduced Scival, a very useful tool of Scopus, this tool makes scientific assessment and evaluation quicker and easier.


Dr. Bharath Kumar Velmurugan (second from the left) and his colleagues
The new scientific results of Ton Duc Thang University on pharmacological benefits of neferine in an exceptional journal
The main author of this work is Dr. Bharath Kumar Velmurugan, the lecturer of Faculty of Applied Sciences at TDTU.
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