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Funding Opportunities

  • Student’s Scientific Research
    Student’s scientific research is highly appreciated by the University. Office of Student Affairs coordinates with faculties to select and recommend the student’s scientific research worthy of sponsorship.
  • Staffs, Lecturers and Researchers’ Scientific Research
    This is the core activity of the Foundation. Annually, the President of the Board of Management decides the total amount of sponsorship budget for the staffs, lecturers and researchers’ scientific research. The particular budget for each research project is approved by the President of the Board of Management based on the recommendations of the Approval Committee and the financial situation of the Foundation.
  • Scientific Conference
    The Foundation will sponsor lecturers and researchers to attend and report at both domestic and international scientific conferences.
  • Scientific Research Awards ranked by the criteria of international publications of the University
    The Foundation will consider awarding scientific research ranked by University criteria of international publications; not including the sponsored research project of the Foundation. 
  • Publishing international scientific publications
    Only take under consideration the publications ranked by criteria of international publications of Ton Duc Thang University including:
    • Expenses for publishing in international journals;
    • Expenses for the registration of international patents.
  • Research groups: Sponsor initial expenses for research groups.
  • Other sponsorship approved by the President of the Foundation’s Board of Management.